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Updated Vision for the Crystal Cathedral

Our updated goal is to see all the debts paid in full  and the members to have control of the Crystal Cathedral and the HOP, returned to them so that the Ministry founded by Dr Robert H. Schuller will successfully continue for generations to come.  Please help us to halt the further disintegration of this once-significant Church.

Key points of the Vision for the Crystal Cathedral:

 New International Board with no employees or others with conflicts of interest. The Board will be under the control of the membership and will include elected representatives of the Church and the HOP.

 The Church managed by a Consistory made up of Pastors and elected Elders.

 Bring back Don Neuen, the full choir and orchestra

 Ability-based new leadership for the Church & Hour of Power

 Positive Bible-centered preaching to a world class standard and grounded in our Reformed theology roots

 Complete financial transparency. All financial records available for viewing including salaries and benefits.

 An end to insider privileges, fancy salaries and perks. We are a church – not a business.

 A new mission for the Church to be developed that emphasizes following Jesus Christ to reach the lost, help the sick and the poor and equipping the members to become His disciples and to be active in ministry. Obedience to Jesus in the Great Commission by active participation in Missionary work both locally and in the Third World.

 • Unless these changes are made the Crystal Cathedral and Hop will continue its slide into mediocrity and its inevitable demise.

For too many years, the Congregation has passively put up with the status quo or just quietly left. The membership once stood at 10,000 but now is less than 500. The time has come to say. “No more. This is our Church and we want it back.”

1. Make your demand for the changes known to as many as possible including the Board of Directors, the Management Team, Fellowship Classes, outside News organizations and Social Media including this Website, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. Be courteous and behave in a Christian manner, but insist that change must take place.

2. Ask everyone you know to do the same. If we can have hundreds or even thousands of active Members, ex-members and HOP viewers demanding change, the message will eventually get through and we will witness restructuring take place. Remember what was achieved by Martin Luther King and Gandhi – just  consistent, courteous demand for change. We cannot compromise with this demand. Please send this Vision out to at lease 10 others and ask them to send to 10 more with a goal of reaching 10,000 by the end of November.

3. Email us your ideas and suggestions for restoration to – we want you involved. This is your Church

4. The following has to be our minimum short-term goal:
a. Have two Directors representing the Congregation added to the Board.

b. Legally constituted Consistory set up consisting of Pastors and elected Elders under the Chairmanship of Pastor Jim Kok.
  (Note – none of the above have been contacted for their permission – they are just suggested names as examples of the   talent that is available. These people may not wish to participate but there are dozens of other excellent members who   would be happy to serve in these roles.)

5. Pray. This vision may seem impossible but we are standing on Luke 18:27 “What is impossible with man, is possible with God.”