They should all go to jail

Posted by: Unknown – February 22, 2012 – 8:13 AM to the Blog and transferred to this page.

I am not a member of the CC and I don’t live in California. I have attended the CC several times and been an H of P supporter for many years. This is all very sad and my feelings have come full circle on this issue. The CC set the standard for what church music should be, for many years. However, the fools have taken over and RHS allowed it to take place on his watch. He mishandled the situation with RAS and then allowed his “girls and husbands” to finish it off. It is over!!! Money was mishandled and misspent. I see the “girls” as buzzards that flew in to pick the bones clean and finish off the mess.  All that was left was for the courts to come in and bury the bones, and handed the grave over to the RCC. I am not a wealthy person, but I do pretty well, and I have given quite a bit of money to the H of P. I would like to know where it is, and yes, I would like to have it back. But I know that will never happen. And yes, I would like to see those responsible for this mess to go to jail– from the top down, for as many years as this all took place. I don’t care how old the person is or how many Dr’s they have in their name or how much “happy happy” theology they have preached from the pulpit.  Also, you can’t tell me some of the higher-up in the Reformed Church of America didn’t know what was going on there.  I admit that I don’t know the full governing rules of the RCA, but I don’t believe nobody here knew what was going on there at the most visible church in the U. S.  In reality, we all know what will happen in this situation. Sheila and company will move out to their little “Hovel of Hope” somewhere and continue to bilk what is left of the “remnant” for as much as they can get.  The CC will go on as a Catholic Church. Dr. Schuller will pass away at some point, and those who built the CC will never see a dime back.  All that is left is a group of people (most of which are still fighting about it on this blog) telling about what used to be at the CC and what they think happened. In the mean time, I really hope that someone will get the facts and put them all where they belong– in jail.

Pinfeather @ Wed. 22 Feb. 2012 10:16:28

YES: We who all love the Cathedral know what has happened and WE agree with you.

Dqb321 @ Wed, 22  Feb. 2012 09:52:10

It’s as we say in the UK – the lunatics have taken over the asylum, LOL!

Texgreenfield @ Wed, 22 Feb. 2012 08:16:05

Yes, this is correct. These folks are criminals. I believe this is a massive ponzi scheme. I am sorry to have to say that, but frankly I cannot come to any other conclusion.