Posted again after deletion: The end of Hour of Power
Posted by Bill Holler at 14:33, March 11th 2012.

The end of the Hour of Power [Maliciously Deleted and certified by the Webmaster]
Posted by Bill Holler at 07:58, March 11th 2012.

When you see the video you may have noticed in the video that Robert was not speaking in complete sentences. Very obviously this video was a combination of small fragments which have been put together. Based on very trustful family information I know that his memory is no longer capable of performing in a way that you could deliver a speech. His last very strong speech was during the funeral of Fred Southard. And it could be noticed that he had to read a lot from his paperwork. But he has not lost the power of speaking. So in this video he was giving the information which was prepared for him.

Now you could wonder what the source of this information was. It is very obvious that his wife were Arvella has written every word of what he was saying. Of course Robert has to deliver his obviously last public message because it would not be his style to go without saying something publicly. So he delivered it in the way that we admired for such a long time but of course also in a tragic way.

Everybody will understand this when looking into the past if you try to accept who really made the decisions. It was never really Robert Harold Schuller who made the decisions on the board, the important decisions which shaped the future and more tragically the end of this ministry. It was always Arvella who acted from the background.

She took the decision to give Carol the chance of organizing the show “Creation” which at the end brought the loss of more than $20 million to the congregation. This basically was the first dramatic mistake after the visitor center was built without having any financial substance.

Then some years later Robert Harold has selected his son Robert Anthony to be the senior pastor. Only two years later his life Arvella took the decision to drop her son. If she was influenced by the idiot offspring, I would not know. However she took this decision. To the public Robert Harold never discussed this decision of his wife and he presented it in the board and publicly as his decision. He was always standing very close on her side, even when he knew the decisions she took were wrong.

Again it was Arvella who appointed the idiot offspring to lead the crystal Cathedral into bankruptcy. She was also the driving force behind the board when they finally removed them from their duties a little over one week ago. By the way, many of you will remember the outrageous e-mail that was sent to congregation members when they asked for food donations for Arvella. Those donations should be collected by the limousine driver and brought home for Arvella. It had been Robert Harold who was signing this e-mail, but of course the idea was coming from his wife. He just followed her.

Let me add some remarks regarding their daughter Carol. She had used Facebook in order to pretend that Robert Harold Schuller was having his own profile and would communicate with his followers. Up to this day she still is using Facebook under his name. Whoever knows Robert Harold personally closely knows that he is completely incapable of using such media and make personal statements over the computer. He is still using FAX for his private communication. I am sure he does not have any clue that this is happening and if he knew, he could no longer understand the meaning of it. Carol went to a point where she was very blatantly and obviously lying to the readers and continued to deceive all those who trusted her father's words.

If we look at the tragedy of this family story, I think it is exceeding anything we know from fiction. Dallas and Dynasty put together would make the script for the Crystal Cathedral story. The name of the Hour of Power and the name of Schuller as a preacher has been demolished for good. There is no way this ministry could continue. Robert Anthony was never asked to return to the pulpit. And now it is far too late for such a solution.

Let's face it: the Hour of Power is history, Schullerland is history. The Crystal Cathedral Ministries are history.

However, what remains will be the powerful words of Robert Harold Schuller who has reached out to so many millions of people and help them save their lives including mine. So I will always be very very grateful to him.

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LosAl @ Sun, 11 Mar 2012 14:58:13 +0000:

Although I don't personally know you, Mr. Holler, your words speak of the deep love you have for Dr. Robert H. Schuller and your church. Thank you for sharing.

pinfeather @ Sun, 11 Mar 2012 14:45:19 +0000:


dqb321 @ Sun, 11 Mar 2012 14:37:45 +0000:

I'm in the UK and this was on the site earlier this evening so I was pretty surprised to see that it was deleted. I'm guessing that I saw it about 2-3 hours ago.

alankang @ Sun, 11 Mar 2012 14:35:53 +0000:


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