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Long time Crystal Cathedral Tour Guide, Bob Meyer scheduled for three simultaneous surgeries.

New Item Contributed by Denise G.

Published: March 6, 2017

This news item originates from Bob Meyer’s son, Ken:

Bob, my Dad, is having 3 surgeries on March 10. He has a Stage IV Malignant Melanoma (no Mets.) on his chest and bladder cancer. They are going to do 3 surgeries at once. The melanoma, will be removed while a second Dr. Will remove the bladder cancer. When the melanoma is removed the 3rd Doctor, a plastic surgeon will do a skin graft from his thigh to fill in the hole from the melanoma removal. This is major surgery requiring Gen. Anesthesia and at 95 there is a high risk for not surviving the procedures or having severe deficits. Please pray for him

Bob Meyer in Uniform

friends. At least with Kristy and myself, he will have 2 RNs that know Med/Surg to take care of him post procedure.


You may remember Bob was a glider pilot in WW II and has given many talks about his experiences - maybe to some veterans group you attended.  He was a friend of Dr. Schuller's and had a lot of input in financial matters in the early days of the CC but did not join for years and he was at my table in the New Members Class and I encouraged him to be a tour guide, which he did, and loved.  I think he did tours mainly on Sundays.

Recent Photo of Bob Meyer

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UPDATE: March 11, 2017  – Bob is in recovery and things are looking good. He did need the skin graft to cover the hole in his chest where the melanoma was located. He will stay in the hospital tonight and we will take him home tomorrow where he will have 2 nurses watching him, Kristy and I.


UPDATE: March 13, 2017 –  Yesterday I spent the day telling everyone I could find that the urine was too dark red and he had to have clots and a low H&H. The Doc finally flushed him and found tons of clots and his Hemogloben was down to 7.2. Doc ordered 2 more units of blood and sent him back for emergency surgery. They found more tumor that they had missed and took it out and now he is in the high 9's and producing rose' and not cabernet. Things are looking up. Will probably discharge tomorrow.

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