Schuller’s post on Facebook contradictory

Editorial by Penrod Schoefield – posted February 4, 2012

Nothing but more spin from the top, in reference to Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s posting on Facebook, as quoted below.

“The closing of the sale of the Crystal Cathedral to the Archdiocese marks an historic transition for humanity– a testimony toward positive unity in Christian Faith. My Life’s Bible verse (chosen on the day of my ordination) is Isaiah 58:12: You shall be called a repairer of the breach, a restorer of paths to dwell in. It is time for all believers not to focus on differences, but on respect and appreciation for our common goals. Remember, it takes just one stroke of a pen to change a minus into a plus. Today is not an ending; rather it is a divine continuance of a beautiful, sacred, campus that was dedicated to the greater glory of God. The Crystal Cathedral is not Schuller’s testimony alone; rather it is the testimony of all faith-filled dreamers, reminding all of us, always: ‘make your dreams big enough for God to fit in’  The Archdiocese has not taken the campus away, they have taken the campus on, promising to steward it as a physical testimony of positive faith for all humanity. They have pledged to care for the architecture, the statuary, the gardens, and the Walk of Faith, preserving these so that generations of humanity will continue to experience the powerful story of our faith. I would say today, ‘Bishop Brown, you are a great man of faith.’ May you and your successors keep the light of the campus always shining bright, reminding humanity how very much... God Loves Them and So Do We.”

I would suggest that the sale of the Crystal Cathedral to the Archdiocese is an historic travesty! The campus was coaxed and cajoled from the membership with the false promise of a 99 year lease for one dollar per year. This was done after you continually preached that you did not believe it wise to incur debt. Then, guess what? The property was transferred from the congregation to your corporate organization only to incur debt! However, it didn’t stop there. More debt was piled on more debt until the debt soared to $50 plus million.

In reference to the Bible verse you selected on your day of ordination, I commend you on your choice. I imagine over the course of your ministry, you have been instrumental in repairing the divide in the lives of others. In the theological issues between the Catholics and the Protestants, you may see the sale of the Crystal Cathedral to the Diocese of Orange as a big step to repairing the breach of the Reformation. Perhaps that may be a noble excursion in the minds of some, however, it would have been in the best interests of your own membership to have “repaired the breach” in your own family first and avoided the pitfalls that led to the need to file bankruptcy. The feuding in your family has been a distraction to the real needs of your own congregation and a circus for the world wide media to report on. As I have mentioned on this web site as far back as July, 2011 in quoting that now famous phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens behind closed doors in secret at the Crystal Cathedral rockets around the world in a matter of seconds.” And so it has and so it continues.

We do agree that it takes just one stroke of a pen to change a minus into a plus. However, it takes not even a pen to change a plus into a minus. All it takes is dealing in secret behind the backs of your loyal donors that believed in your dream to build a great Protestant church to the greater glory of God. You, Dr. Schuller, my beloved friend, accomplished that goal. You did have the vision, but you didn’t have the money. Perhaps the number of persons the world over may well number into the millions that financially supported your dream.  Now, those millions that supported your dream, have had their dream shattered by taking their church home away from them and handed over to the Catholics for a bargain basement price.

In the days leading up to November 17, 2011 when the board had a first voted for Chapman University as the preferred buyer, perhaps many in the congregation were unhappy that the Crystal Cathedral had to be sold to pay off the creditors.  If,  However, with the overly generous offer Chapman had made, we would have still had our church home. For whatever reason, you didn’t want Chapman to have  have  what  you saw  as yours.  No problem,  just  add another

puppet to the board and take another vote. Opps, that vote didn’t count because the final tally was no real preference– either Chapman or the Catholics is okay. In your mind, no problem, just find another puppet to place on the board and whisper into his ear, “Psst, don’t forget to say with a straight face, “Oh, I just remembered something before we take another vote. It’s in the bylaws that we have to sell to the Catholics because it says if the church is sold, it has to be to another religious institution.” That my dear friend, Robert, is business as usual. Whatever Dr. Schuller wants, Dr. Schuller gets!

As I remember from twenty plus years ago, Dr. Schuller, you were always protective of the architecture, especially of the Cathedral building. Not one little thing was ever to be changed. Remember Doris, the lady in charge of the lobby in the Tower of Hope and also spent time on Sunday morning rearranging the plants prior to the first service?  Remember when you returned in mid September from your summer vacation and were in the Cathedral for an “extra taping?” I can still see you standing there, gazing around the interior, and suddenly, your eyes lit on two planks, one bridging the space between the east balcony and south balcony, and another plank bridging the space between the west balcony and the south balcony. Both planks were supporting plants referred to as Pothos with their vegetation dangling to hide the divide between the balcony. I was standing only five feet from you when you launched into a tirade and insisted Doris be immediately summoned to remove them because the architecture was changed. Now, my friend, it is ok for the Catholics to seriously change the interior architecture– rip out the front choir loft and construct an altar and other major changes. So now its ok for the Catholics to drastically make changes to the interior architecture. May I remind you that nothing would have been changed in the interior or exterior of the Cathedral had Chapman University been permitted to rescue our church.

In an attempt to repair a non existent breach between the Protestants and the Catholics, you may well have inadvertently created an even greater divide.

I submit, Dr. Schuller, your congregation is devastated by the closing of the sale. To us, the Crystal Cathedral was the face of the Hour of Power. It was our church home. Had you met with your own membership and had confidence in that body of Christ, we, with your help and with Chapman University as the buyer, could have saved our church. Had we, your congregation had the chance to restore the Crystal Cathedral to its traditional roots based on your original vision, your flock would have remained in tact. However, all of us have been left behind now– fractured and scattered. It did not need to end this way.

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