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Penrods Pokes at the Passing Parade – The Back Story

This web site domain name was originally registered and operated as The first day of operation was April 1, 2011 and the intent was to gather and link to videos of the traditional music as performed under the direction of Don Neuen and the Crystal Cathedral Choir and the Hour of Power Orchestra.  Early in April, 2011, the current leadership of the Crystal Cathedral drastically changed the style of the music at its 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM services to a “Praise Style” 1980’s gospel rock genre.  Many of us who have been long time members of the Crystal Cathedral see this as a style that is totally out of character of the face of what this Ministry has presented to the world for over fifty-five years through its Hour of Power television broadcasts.

Shortly after the inception of this web site operating as, due to heavy web traffic from original church membership and Hour of Power viewers, the site began carrying information, news stories and editorials concerning the deteriorating conditions of the operation of the Ministry together with news and updates on the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

In mid August, the current administration of the Crystal Cathedral launched a complaint to our hosting company that by posting their music, this web site was infringing on their copyright and convinced the hosting company to take the site offline. However, within less than an hour, the site was back online as soon as the music was pulled from the site. About a week later, the site again went offline, this time because the current administration launched another complaint that their trade marked name, I.e., Crystal Cathedral, was being infringed upon.

The content of the original domain was immediately transferred to and reopened the same day within an hour or less.

This web site is dedicated to keeping the original members of the Crystal Cathedral congregation as well as the world wide viewers of the Hour of Power informed of events surrounding “your” church. Here you finally have a voice to express your opinions to the world by signing up as a registered member to post and comment in our blogs. We encourage you to submit information for posting to

Jim Kirkland,

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