More Questions, fewer Answers from the Schuller girls in charge

Op Ed: Byline: Anonymous – (Note: Web site editor prefers to shield author’s identity to protect sources)

Posted: July 6, 2011

Now that the Schuller girls have removed their father from the Board, what is the next move in their power grab?

Unconfirmed reports from an unnamed source tell us that Scott Smith, the new music director, will be made Pastor of Worship & Praise.  Scott and his wife Debbie, will be put on the “Management Team.”  

Are they the replacement for Dr. Robert H. Schuller?  

Are they qualified to be any part of the Leadership of our church?

None of this will be voted on by the membership, of course.

Sheila Coleman, Lead Pastor, designated Harold Shaw to be Pastor of Outreach and Brooke Abbott, formerly with the accounting department of the ministry, was designated to be “Pastor of Spiritual Development.” Neither have been to seminary or completed any of the guidelines of the Reformed Church order to be a Pastor.  

Brooke Abbott oversees New Hope Counseling of which she has never served as a volunteer.  Louise Dunn, New Hope counseling trainer, has a Doctorate in Theology and  Brooke Abbott is now her supervisor.


Both appointments were without a vote of the membership and are not in compliance with the rules of the Reformed Church in America, of which the Crystal Cathedral is a member.

I must point out, that Sheila Coleman has never been to Seminary.  Neither has Jim Penner.  However, Jim Penner did complete a course to be a Commissioned Pastor from the Classis of the Reformed Church.  


Two fine Pastors, Dr. Jim Kok and Glenn DeMaster, are both seminary educated and neither are part of the management team.  They continue to do all of the ministry work of the congregation such as teach adult fellowship classes, perform wedding ceremonies, perform funeral services, counsel grieving families, and counsel couples about to be married.  

What does this tell you?

Answer:  The Congregation does not feel that Sheila Coleman or Jim Penner are qualified to be their Pastor.