January 26, 2012

Pending acquisition of Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA


Most Rev. Tod D. Brown, D.D.

c/o Marianne Bungcag, Lead Executive Assistant

Bishop Brown:

I am writng to you today, having learned from the RCBO Media Relations office

yesterday afternoon, that closing on the Diocese of Orange acquisition of Crystal

Cathedral is imminent.

The collective circumstances as to the ministries that once were, are a sad enough

situation. Please hear my concerns, from a sincere follower of Jesus Christ. I speak only

for myself, but have come to know hundreds of other human souls, who hurt deeply as I

do, at  “our” church being taken from us with virtually no say in the matter. Please

understand, Crystal Cathedral is more than a building to those share these concerns, it is

first for God's glory and secondly an icon of what faith and family can accomplish. It

was not built for a single earthly family to own and/or sell, for their personal benefit and

that is what is really taking place.

With all due respect for the Court, I believe this approved transaction is errant in many

ways, despite what appears to be legal process. The Court, as it must, ruled on fact, but

incomplete fact(s) some that I believe were deliberately and illegally withheld from the

Court, by persons presently operating as Crystal Cathedral Ministries (CCM).

It is my opinion, that this entire *preventable* tragedy commenced with the unlawful

harassment of Rev. Robert A. Schuller, leading to his 'resignation', but caused by

coercion within a corrupt organization, that also terminated the employment of Executive

Pastor, Dr. Jim Poit, because he dared to ask questions about the goings on within CCM,

especially those of a financial nature. This means that *wrongful termination* of both is

an issue that has yet to come into view of all the people they served.

Also, there are many now, who question the validity of the board that voted to accept the

RCBO bid and it would also appear at this time, there exists potential that a serious

financial crime has taken place by some of the members of that board. This specifically

goes to gifts of the faithful, within at least one endowment fund, from which $10-million

has been taken in "loans" (a quote from a Reformed Church in America official) with

concern as well about the legitimacy of the real estate property transfer from what was

the original congregation, Garden Grove Community Church to CCM. This was a serious

concern for the former, formally installed and ordained Senior Pastor, Rev. Robert A.


Letter written to Bishop Tod D. Brown, By Karl Hein