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Note: a portion of the letter below that I wrote to Dr Schuller, was taken from a post I wrote in this forum, and is currently featured on the front page Editorial Section under the title "The Truth About The Chapman University vs The Catholic Religion Bid". I am the Author of that post.

Dear Dr Schuller....

How thankful and appreciative we are for all of the amazing contributions you have made to the Christian faith throughout your years of ministry. It is truly heartbreaking and devastating to see such an illustrious career, and an amazing powerful world wide ministry end in such controversy, despair and financial ruin.

Soon to be gone, is the Amazing "Crystal Cathedral" that I and Millions of others helped you build, and now will apparently be turned over to a religious organization wallowing in serious moral issues, of the multiplied thousands of cases of Child Sexual Abuse by Priests. I can't help but wonder how long it will be before the 1st innocent child is sexually molested on the Crystal Cathedral property by one of the clergy of the new tenants.

GONE is the Amazing and inspiring "Hour Of Power" broadcast, which has been a beacon of light and hope around the world last 40 years, and in its place a disappointing poorly executed takeoff copy, that does no justice to the original masterpiece you built. Unfortunately this global outreach has now been taken over by a renegade band of pirates, who have not only driven the ministry into financial ruin and bankruptcy, but have destroyed the traditional Christian foundation to which the program has been anchored since it's inception.

Gone is the beautiful angelic choir, the amazing Hazel Wright organ music, the classic and traditional hymns and music which brought so much inspiration each week. In its place is a cheap theatrical style stage show, featuring shallow repetitive tunes with little substance, sung by a group whose talents and musical style would better suit a night club or show lounge. In days gone by the inspiring music would bring me to tears of gratitude and reflection on a weekly basis, but since the takeover, I find myself left completely uninspired and unmoved by both the musical and preaching in the program.

GONE is our beloved choir director Don Neuen and the amazing choir members, and orchestra who walked out en mass when your daughters Sheila and Gretchen plus husband Jim Penner, started putting unreasonable demands on the choir to change the style of music, and sign a covenant against homosexuals (she would say affirming heterosexuals) in the choir and church ministry. I'm proud that those members took a stand against this tyranny, but deeply saddened to see an amazing music ministry crumble before our eyes, as this team of dedicated anointed musicians along with beloved soloists like Roger Williams and others left in protest to the unreasonable religious despots that you left in charge after your departure.

GONE is your incredible son Robert A Schuller, whose charisma, enthusiasm and anointed preaching ministry of God's word, brought "New Hope" to the ministry when he took over from you. Little did any of us supporters know, the opposition he faced from his sisters and brother in law, who ultimately succeeded in having him thrown out of the pulpit, through a series of devious and underhanded maneuvers. Thankfully the facts and details of this underhanded takeover have now been made public. This act was a SIN again Robert Jr, against the members of the Crystal Cathedral, against the supporters of The Hour of Power, and may I say against heaven itself. This COUP was done maliciously, illegally and WITHOUT a vote by or consultation with the membership or supporters.

GONE is the high quality of preaching that we had grown accustomed to from both you and your son Robert Jr. Instead we are left with 2 unqualified and very uninspiring wanna be pastors, who have no training, no qualifications, no ordination, and clearly no business and church management skills. While Sheila and Jim do have a small group of followers (we note attendance has dropped from many thousands per Sunday morning at the Cathedral to only a few hundred), the main church body has "VOTED AGAINST THEM" by walking out the door and finding church homes elsewhere. And for the record, Dr Schuller, no one buys the Spin that’s been put on this MASS EXODUS, as being the result of a troubled economy. The fact is that numerous studies show that church attendance "GOES UP" during troubled times, not down. I'm sure Sheila is a lovely woman in her own way, but her shrill, matronly, often condescending voice and attitude is better suited for the classroom where she came from, and certainly will never come close to being a replacement for the oratory skills that you and your son Robert Jr are gifted with. Jim Penner is equally uninspiring, but knowing that the face he puts on when on TV is in serious conflict with the person he is off screen, as one of the main influences behind the ousting of Robert Jr, makes him impossible to watch or listen to.

GONE is my confidence in the ministry, in its leadership, in it's direction, in it's ability to manage and be good stewards over the financial gifts that I and millions of supporters sent faithfully to build and support the ministry. As an "Eagles Club" member of many years, I have had to stop sending in my financial gifts as a way of "PROTEST", against what has been done and is now being done by those in charge. I'm not alone in taking this action, as its well documented that your supporter income has dropped to a point where the survival of the ministry is in jeopardy. Unfortunately, like those who voted against the current leadership with their feet by walking out of the Cathedral for good, I and millions of other worldwide supporters can only register our VOTE AGAINST the current leadership by withdrawing out financial support.

PLEASE Dr Schuller, if possible, if you still have any say in the matter, would you immediately undertake to remove Sheila, Jim & Gretchen Penner and the team of pirates now in control, and put either yourself or Robert Jr back in charge,. If you will, then we who have left, WILL RETURN in great numbers, so that together we can pick up the pieces and rebuild.


Dr Schuller, I was wondering if you could provide us with some answers about the missing and misappropriated Funds from the ministry?

For years you raised money for an endowment fund for the maintenance and upkeep of the Cathedral, so that, as you said, the Cathedral would never fall into disrepair as so many Cathedrals in Europe had done. We understood the common sense of this, and we gladly donated, but now that fund has mysteriously disappeared, and the Cathedral sits in disrepair with major roof leaks, structural issues etc., so much so, that the Roman Catholic church is reportedly altering their offer to demand that these repair be made before the completion of the sale. We have to ask... where has this money gone to?, and secondly where will the money come from to make the repairs?

There was also an Endowment Fund established for the Hazel Wright Organ of reportedly many millions of dollars, yet the organ now sits almost unusable, the victim of severe water damage, and yet the fund to repair it has disappears... where has the money gone to?

There was also a $10 Million Endowment Fund that is reported to be missing, as well as another even larger Endowment Fund, that has supposedly gone missing as well? Dr Schuller... Will you please tell us, Where did all this money go to?


I along with millions of viewers around the world were shocked to learn through the court system during the Bankruptcy hearings, that over $2 Million dollars in excessive housing allowances were allotted to the Inside Circle of family staff members during the year leading up to the Bankruptcy. The word "Excessive" is an understatement, as the actual dollars amounts are part of public records, which show housing allowances well in excess of $100 Thousand dollars for some individuals and couples + wages and other benefits. This represents compensation that is four and five times the national average, and being paid to you from the tithes and offerings of seniors, single moms, and young families struggling to make ends meet. And although you knew that Bankruptcy was imminent, the court records do not show you made any adjustments to these excessive compensation packages, abut rather you choose to continue to pay yourselves first and leave your creditors unpaid, some of whom had to also declare bankruptcy because of your failure to pay. And of course during this time there were weekly CRISIS APPEALS to save the Cathedral, but it appears that all those extra CRISIS Offerings went to pay for the elaborate life styles of the inner circle of family member employees. And now court documents show that you and other family members have put in additional personal claims totaling millions of dollars to be paid out of the bankruptcy fund.


When the bidding on the Cathedral was taking place, there was a massive outpouring of prayer on behalf of those making the decision. A resounding sigh of relief and thanksgiving to God went out, when initially the Higher and "More Appropriate" bid of $59 Million made by Chapman University was accepted. However when at the last minute the decision was made by you to accept the Non Protestant, and lower Catholic bid, there was a reaction of utter shock, dismay and and betrayal. In case you are wondering why that would be the response, let me as briefly as possible, outline a few facts regarding the "TRUTH" about "Chapman University" vs "Catholic Religion" Bid

A lot of SPIN has been put on the Catholic vs the Chapman University bid for the Cathedral. Many articles report that you (Robert H Schuller) preferred the Catholic bid over the Chapman bid, because he felt that the Catholics were "The Mother Church." It has also been rumored that there was more personal gain for you in the Catholic bid, in the form of an ongoing $300-$400 Thousand per year pension fund. Dr Schuller, can you confirm if this is fact or fiction?

The Crystal Cathedral was a part of the "PROTESTANT" denomination "Reformed Church In America"

Dr Schuller this is something you always always made clear by frequent verbal associations on the Hour OF Power about your affiliation with "Americas Oldest PROTESTANT Christian Denomination".. The Reformed Church In America, and in fact the Crystal Cathedral and The Hour Of Power are both clearly aligned with this PROTESTANT denomination on many websites including your own.

The members of Garden Grove Community Church and The Crystal Cathedral Congregation (and probably most of the extended Crystal Cathedral Ministries and Hour of Power Family of Supporters, would have clearly identified themselves as PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS, and followers of Jesus Christ, NOT Catholics, although there was no doubt a small percentage of catholic viewers .

Chapman University was founded by and is still a part of the "PROTESTANT" Christian denomination "The Disciple Of Christ"

Chapman University made the largest and most GENEROUS bid of $59 million that would have given the Crystal Cathedral & Hour Of Power the following benefits.

A) The ability to remain aligned with a PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN denomination

B) The ability to continue using the Cathedral under most generous terms

C) The possibility to buy back a portion of the campus, with built in financing at unbelievably favorable terms

D) A huge list of PERKS for the Crystal Cathedral and Hour Of Power... NONE of which are in the Catholic bid

E) Acquisition by Chapman would have put the Crystal Cathedral in the midst of the Chapman student body, and the outreach opportunities to the student body would have been COUNTLESS and SIGNIFICANT.

F) No doubt many of these students/families & possibly members of other "Disciple Of Christ Churches, would have become members/supporters of the CC/HOP ministry (providing the current band of pirates now leading the ministry to destruction were removed).

The other contender in the bidding war was "The Catholic Religion" (not PROTESTANT) but an organization steeped in corruption at the highest level...

A) Multiplied Thousands of Horrific Child sexual abuse scandals, and the hand of their clergy..

B) MANY false doctrines including the deification and worship of MARY...

C) Saint worship (praying to and through supposed saints)...

D) False Doctrine of Purgatory, and numerous other misleading and damning doctrines...

E) Use of Idols as points of prayer and worship....

F) Empty repetitious prayer through the Rosary (forbidden by scripture)..

G) Salvation through works and Penance vs Salvation ONLY by GRACE and through FAITH in the shed blood and finished work of the resurrected Jesus Christ ALONE (He is Not STILL On The Cross as falsely depicted by the Catholic Idols...

H) Exaltation and worship of "The POPE" as the HOLY SEE head of The Church vs JESUS CHRIST AS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH (there are many scripture references LOOK THEM UP)

The List of Catholic Error and False Doctrine goes on and on, and is well documented (try a Google Search for term "Catholic False Doctrine")... but this is not the place for that discussion (Many Protestant Theologians even suggest that Catholicism has many of the marks of a "CULT")


1 - Please explain Dr Schuller, why you would change the bid decision (according to all news reports) and SELL OUT the Cathedral & Ministry built on PROTESTANT Foundation & Doctrine by PROTESTANT Believers and supporters,.... to the very questionable Catholic Empire? A Decision which clearly would be offensive to your PROTESTANT supporters and members??????

2 - This decision you and others involved in the final decision, makes the illusion you've created about Crystal Cathedral and Hour Of Power being a Protestant Christian church, nothing more than a BIG FAT LIE... Deception is still a Gross SIN in the Bible I read.

2 - Dr Schuller, I wonder if you have stopped to consider how many of the millions of HOP and CCM supporters would have financially supported the building of this ministry if they knew in advance that their sacrificial gifts and prayers would be turned over to this questionable Catholic organization.

3 - Also ask yourself, how many people buried on the Crystal Cathedral grounds, or their families would have chosen the Crystal Cathedral as a place of internment if they knew it would become part of a Catholic Institution. Imagine the kind of dilemma many of them must they be facing now in deciding what do do with the remains of their loved ones?

4 - How will you and others feel when "Statues of Mary" appear in the Crystal Cathedral Sanctuary and around the church campus, as point of prayer and worship?

5 - How will you feel when the "Great Hymns of the Church" no longer fill the Cathedral but are replaced with unfamiliar Catholic liturgical Chants

6 - How will you feel when the beautiful smell of flowers and Lilies that fill the Cathedral at Easter is filled with the stench of Incense?

7 - How will you feel when you see the walls of the Cathedral and Arboretum lined with confessional booths, as the parishioners will now have to confess their sins to the priest rather than directly to God?

8 - How will you feel when the news media breaks the first scandalous report of yet another child sexual abuse taking place , only this time on the Cathedral Campus.

The bottom line is Dr Schuller, that the decision to choose the Catholic bid over Chapman University is a COMPLETE BETRAYAL & SLAP IN THE FACE to the 10's of Thousands of PROTESTANT Christian Members & Supporters who have built this PROTESTANT Ministry over the past 40 years...

And so Dr. Schuller, while I will always remain truly indebted to you for all the good you have done over the years, I have to be honest in telling you that the events of the recent years, the COUP undertaken by your daughters and Jim Penner, the lies, deception and financial mismanagement, and finally the decision to sell out the Cathedral & Ministry to the Catholics, has devastated me and left an empty wounded hole in my heart so big and so painful, that words cannot describe. A recent forum post on the Internet made by a displaced Cathedral member,it was said "I still love God, but since the devastating events at the Cathedral and the evil deeds done by the Schuller girls and accomplices, I never want to step foot in a church again" , unfortunately this is a feeling shared by many. If you search the Internet you will find a host of support groups that have sprung up to try and help people sort through the confusion, and help them recover, refocus and move ahead in their walk with Christ.

Unfortunately at the Cathedral
"The Band Plays On" seemingly oblivious to the damages and wounds inflicted on millions by this spiritual Holocaust. And in spite of the masses voting AGAINST Sheila, Gretchen and Jim's "Church Circus Show", by withdrawing their attendance and financial support, there is no indication of repentance or a change in heart or direction.

Truly this is a day of great sadness and mourning in the Kingdom of God


A Disappointed, Disillusioned, Wounded EX-Supporter


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