Inherit the Wind
Posted by cbrenjack at 14:05, February 16, 2012.

Twelve years ago a church of 600 members bought a large piece of property just outside a medium size college town in the midwest. Their pastor invited Dr. Schuller to speak in hopes that he could jump start the campaign to build a new church on the property. He rented a 12,000 seat basketball arena and charged $20/ person. Seeing the response, he moved the event to a 3500 seat concert hall. About 1000 people attended. The event was a bust. The church never did build and the pastor has left the area. Did Dr. Schuller let these people down? The pastor's timing was off by at least ten years. It astonished me how Dr. Schuller's influenced had diminished in the heartland.

I have often thought of the character Mathew Harrison Brady as Dr. Schuller. He was so deparate to give his prepared speech to what he thought would be a captive audience. He won the case, the crowd left, and he gave the speech with his wife as the only listener. Henry Drummond (Clarence Darrow), played by Spencer Tracy, scolded the cynical reporter for making fun of Brady. Brady (William Jennings Bryan) was a giant for his influence for the good on the world scene at the turn of the twentieth century. The two personalities are sterilely similar.

I have no trouble remembering all the good I received from the Hour of Power. The events over the last 4 years are only personal failures of those who could not cope with the changing landscape around the cathedral, the loss of a dedicated viewing audience, and the lack of vision and descernment of what catches the attention of new generations. I just hope and pray the the Hour of Power does not pop up on PBS after Lawrence Welk or the Schuller survivors don't start a church in Branson, Missouri.

As for the money I gave, much of it was used to buy traffic helecopters, pay newscasters, and improved facilities at my local television station. If it were possible for me to recover the amount of my contribuitions that were used to pad the pockets of those who abused power, I would probably get less than one penny on the dollar. If I were to ask for more, I would have to extract it from all those who earned it by building and maintaining the buildings on the campus and also those who were doing Kingdom work for the glory of God. Once I give money to God, it becomes His to do with what he wants. If those he entrusts to put it to good use fail, that's God's problem to deal with. I just have to redirect my resources to another one of his servants. Apparently, many others have done the same.