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Crystal Cathedral Ministries
Hour Of Power Ministries
13280 Chapman Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

To Whom It May Concern;

It is with profound sadness that I write this letter today, requesting to have my name completely and immediately removed from all mailing lists for the Crystal Cathedral Ministries and The Hour Of Power.

I have been a faithful supporter of your ministry for almost 40 years, and have given to almost every appeal ever made for financial support, including being a "Sparrows Club", "Eagles Club" and "Golden Eagles Club" member.

After much prayer I'm convinced that I must completely withdraw all financial support and association with your ministry in "STRONG PROTEST" against the travesty (a copy so inferior in quality as to be merely a grotesque imitation of the original) that you are now trying to present in place of the beloved and original "Hour Of Power".

The truth about the events that have transpired since Dr. R. H. Schuller stepped down several years ago, and the underhanded manipulation undertaken by the Schuller daughters, spouses and others, to have Robert A Schuller removed as pastor, are now a matter of public record. The cover up undertaken by Sheila, Jim and spouses has been highly deceitful, and this evil undertaking will surely have to be answered for by those involved when they stand before the Lord at the judgment throne.

Sheila is nothing more than a school teacher at most, and is not, and never will be, a true pastor, and most certainly will never be capable of filling the shoes of her father or brother. Her oratory skills fall far below the high standards set by Robert Sr and Robert Jr, and her irritating shrill voice, condescending attitudes, and very uninspiring talks, leave my heart cold and empty on a weekly basis. Jim Penner is equally uninspiring, and each time he goes before the cameras. his lack of calling and lack of anointing becomes increasing and alarmingly obvious.

This unqualified, unskilled, un-anointed duo, with no seminary training, who are not truly ordained other than by a quick little emergency ceremony conducted by the RCA to try and make them appear qualified, have managed to "Completely Destroy" this amazing world wide ministry by their financial mismanagement, under handed tactics, and by changing the beloved traditional worship format into a spiritual sideshow.

The angelic choir is gone, the amazing orchestra gone, the high quality of worship established by Don Neuen and enhanced by the beautiful Hazel Wright organ are all SILENT. In their place is a low grade, uninspiring hour of television that no longer holds any POWER and very little Inspiration. I can no longer tolerate watching the program, and in recent weeks have turned to finding Sunday morning inspiration elsewhere.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the fact that during your march towards bankruptcy, and while you continued making very strong financial appeals to save the ministry, the court records reveal that rather than pay your creditors as you mislead viewers and supporters to believe you were doing, you chose rather to continue giving the inside circle family members "Obnoxious Housing Allowances & Salaries." These highly offensive remunerations taken by the family and ministry insiders from the sacrificial gifts of seniors on pensions, single moms and families struggling to stay afloat in the challenged economy, is CRIMINAL by my standards. I hang my head in shame that I did not see the light sooner, and that my hard earned dollars donated, went to pay for your extravagant lifestyles and not for the preaching of the gospel as intended.

The final blow came when you rejected the higher and most generous PROTESTANT Chapman University offer at the bankruptcy proceedings, that would have allowed the ministry to continue its use of the Cathedral, plus the option to repurchase key buildings back at unbelievable interest rates and terms. This Chapman bid would have opened up to amazing new ministry and evangelism opportunities to the student body for decades to come. There are numbers of long standing examples how the blending of religious and education institutions have proven to be highly effective and successful, and yet those in charge chose to take the “low road” and accept the Catholic bid, which the membership and supporters en-mass have clearly REJECTED.

In its place you accepted the lower bid from the "Highly Controversial" ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION, that spells certain eviction from the Cathedral, and few if any benefits to the ministry, other than some reportedly higher on going personal financial kickbacks for R. H. Schuller. (as reported in the media)

The Catholic "religion" is steeped in dark controversy, false and questionable doctrines, and well publicized scandals around the world, that shine light on the hundreds of thousands of "Child Sexual Abuse" cases at the hands of priest and bishops. In Orange County alone there have been multiplied dozens of these demonic attacks against innocent children by members of the priesthood. A simple search on the Internet will bring up thousands of web sites containing databases of the offending religious criminals, as well as deeply disturbing news articles, law suits, plus many support and discussion forums and organizations for the benefit of these sexual abuse victims trying to deal with the trauma of the demonic attacks they have endured. I can't help but wonder how long it will be until the first news story breaks of the first innocent child being victimized, sexually abused and raped on the grounds of the Crystal Cathedral, by a priest. I do not want to be a part of this “Decent Into Darkness,” and why those in charge would choose to turn the beautiful Cathedral, built to the "Glory Of God" over to this controversial and evil organization is absolutely inexcusable and beyond common sense or reason.

The Crystal Cathedral and Hour of Power were a PROTESTANT ministry, as we were often reminded by R. H. Schuller in his many mentions of being associated with the RCA, the oldest PROTESTANT denomination in America. The ministry has been built and supported primarily by PROTESTANT followers of Christ. To have you sell out the Cathedral and Ministry to a CONTROVERSIAL CATHOLIC organization is an "Absolute Insult" and "Betrayal Of Trust" that I and millions of other people have placed in Dr Schuller's words and vision.

Shame on You !!!

If I had known for one second that my many thousands of dollars given over the last 40 years would have ended up in the hands of the Catholics, I would NOT have given one penny to your organization. I have been an ordained minister of the gospel for over 4 decades, and I hang my head in shame that I was so undiscerning as to be deceived and mislead by the false and empty propaganda dispensed by your ministry.

Shame on Me !!!

As a long time minister of the gospel, I am now actively engaged in seeking out the thousands of VICTIMS affected by this Hour Of Power & Crystal Cathedral "SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST", and am endeavoring to minister healing and restoration into their lives, by helping them recover and deal with the trauma, emotional damage and disillusionment caused by your many BAD decisions and financial mismanagement of the ministry. In a recent discussion with one of the displaced victims of your ministry, he stated to me "I still love God, but after what I've seen and experienced in the fall of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries, "I never want step foot inside a church again" . These sediments are shared by many of the victims, and are a sad and tragic legacy to what was once a "Powerful, Positive and Life Affirming Ministry"

The writing is on the wall. The membership and long time supporters who have built this precious ministry have voted VERY STRONGLY AGAINST the current leadership, and their "NEW IDEAS" & "NEW MUSIC FORMAT". The evidence of this is clearly demonstrated by the almost empty Cathedral that once held many thousands of Sunday morning worshipers, and now only has a few hundred people, a large portion of which are probably tourists, unaware of the "Spiritual Holocaust" that has taken place.. Of those few remaining, I know of many who are NOT SUPPORTIVE AT ALL of the content, style and format of the new regime, and find the personalities and ministry styles of the current leaders to be REPUGNANT beyond description. These remaining faithful few are there only with the hopes that the current leadership will be removed by a "MIRACLE of GOD", and that the Cathedral and television ministry can be saved by having it turned over to a new skilled and anointed leadership..

I, along with many thousands of others, are part of several growing coalition movements and dedicated prayer groups, that are working and praying together, and asking the Lord to have the current "Unholy Trio" removed from power, and either have R. H, Schuller, R. A. Schuller, or some other qualified anointed, ordained minister and spiritual shepherd put it charge of the ministry.

If and when this event takes place, you are free to contact me immediately, and I and thousands of others will will return "Full Force", and put every bit of financial and other support necessary behind the ministry that we are able, to try and rescue our beloved Crystal Cathedral. The "MIRACLE OFFERING" you are seeking is available, but it will NEVER come until the Coleman/Penner entourage are removed completely.

It is our sincere prayer that Sheila, Jim, Gretchen and their team of cohorts will wake up and realize the great SIN they have committed against the builders, members and supporters of this ministry, and will do the right things, and STEP DOWN and relinquish all control and involvement in the ministry.

Until they do that, I respectfully request to not be contact by your ministry again in any manner whatsoever.


(Name withheld for posting this letter to Internet Forums)

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