IMHO the Hour of Power has been circling the drain for years. I would not suggest putting In the plug, just let it go. I don't know what will happen to the congregation. I doubt that they could afford the rent or pay a mortgage on the St Callistus property without the HOP. I feel most sorry for the people who will be left without a church. My feeling is that the HOP era ended with RHS assault of a flight attendant on a plane. Friends of mine who knew that I loved and supported the Crystal Cathedral said to me after that, " I told you he was a fraud!" I guess we will never know how much damage that one act did to the weekly donations, but I am imagining it was MAJOR. Then they built the $50 million visitor center on a $30 million dollar note. If RHS had been removed from the HOP after his GUILTY plea on the assault charges the visitor center well might have never been built and the HOP would still be at the Crystal Cathedral

Brian Z.

Yes, we want a church service not a magazine.

Ian D.

I have followed your WEB opinion page for a year or so and a regular viewer of the HOP for many, many years, maybe nearly thirty years. I will exempt myself for the Sheila years, we were turned off during that episode. Anyway, I wish to pass on my total agreement with your Dec. 7 Dateline posting and summary. HOWEVER, I might caution against being too critical and all to negative of Bobby's vision and efforts to make improvements in a most worthwhile telecast. Those wooden backdrops remind me of a barn rather than a church - they should go ASAP.

Henry K.

We have watched and supported the Hour of Power since 1989 and visited Shepherd's Grove last December when we were in California on a family visit.  We had visited the Crystal Cathedral several times to see the Glory of Christmas (twice), The Glory of Easter, and Creation and of course, have met Dr. Schuller when he came to Canada. My heart is still saddened at the loss of the Crystal Cathedral and the ministry as it was before Carol Schuller took over.  We try our best to focus on the new format of the Hour of Power but it does not feel like a church service and I continue to pray for the ministry and trust that God will take it where He wants it to go.  I know they want to reach young people but there are not many young people that I know would tune in to the present format.  My husband is suffering from bipolar and does not want to watch it anymore nor does he want to support it in the format it is now. We have sent some donations this year but are not golden eagles as we were at one time.

I visit your website almost weekly and do like to hear how others feel.

Hope C.

Mail received in response to Main Page question posted Sunday, 12-07-2014

“Will Hour of Power Fail?

It is so sad to see what happened to the Crystal Cathedral Ministries and then almost giving the Crystal Cathedral and the 40 acres to the Catholic. This is wrong. If Bobby keeps on spending money then hope is gone as well as God. I mean why should God try to help the Crystal Cathedral (sorry but the Crystal Cathedral will always belong to congregants who built it the way Dr. Schuller wanted everything designed and built because in my opinion that is the way God wanted everything built) if there strong leadership.
Please get strong leadership to lead the ministry again.

Gary F.

HOP was built around traditional worship service style. We all know the young people prefer guitars, drums, microphones in had and eyes closed looking upward, but I really think most everyone else prefers the complete traditional worship service and not the new style Bobby is per suing. Unless he sees the light or consistory makes some changes things will not continue to survive. The inside of the church looks like a barn but would work well if Hee Haw were brought back. Good luck and prayers for all of you as you struggle with such a serious situation

Lewis R.

I am finally going to give my opinion. I've held back for a long time but I've been through this before and hate to see what's happening to CC/SG/HOP.  First, I believe HOP will fail. I went through this with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and The Coral Ridge Hour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  After Dr. D. James Kennedy passed away, our church and The Coral Ridge Hour was pretty much dissolved.  We had Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Graham's grandson) take over and instead of continuing the ministry, he brought his church over and basically got a multi million dollar facility for them, for free by his deceitful tactics.  Now it's no longer a church service, but church show. Along with that, we lost our outstanding music program, TV production (although continued through another source),  radio station and a lot more.  Although I was part of Coral Ridge, I always followed Dr. Schuller and his son Robert A.  I enjoyed Bobby at the beginning but now see he is doing the same thing Rev. Tchividjian did to Coral Ridge.  He's taking advantage of CC/HOP for the benefit of his prior church and destroying HOP while doing so.  It breaks my heart to see two of America's mega-churches  (CRPC and CC) die. My prayers continue for both but I have little hope for either.

Del K.