Crystal Cathedral

Memorable Stories

There are many great cathedrals throughout the world that have been around for centuries and many in England that date back to medieval times. By those standards, the Crystal Cathedral Congregation has been around but half a century, progressing from the original church, Garden Grove Community Church.

However, in that half century, stemming from humble beginnings as a “drive-in” church to a world wide church with the longest running televised church service in the history of the medium. The past accomplishments of this ministry have brought hope to those that had no hope; turned lives around through the telephone hot line, “New Hope” and has a record of preventing many from ending it all through suicide, and introduced God and Jesus Christ to many who had little or no faith in anything. We must not forget the long running annual “Glory of Christmas” and “Glory of Easter” the were attended by persons from all corners of the globe. This is truly and World Wide Ministry.

Having said that, those of us who have been involved in this ministry have stories to tell. The countless volunteers who have served in various ways have stories; The ushers that serve at Sunday services and at other events have stories.

If you have a Memorable Story to tell, please feel free to submit your story to with the word “STORY” in the subject header. Please limit your story to two single spaced pages unless it is submitted as a PDF file format. Stories will be reviewed and the best stories will be published. Stories are limited to “happenings” on the Campus of the Crystal Cathedral and can be serious, humorous, etc. The operators of Pens-Opinion reserve the right to decide that which is suitable for publication and that which is not.

Note: You must submit your story for publication using your real name