Catholic Diocese now owns the Crystal Cathedral
Posted by Donald Schnake at 00:00, February 4th 2012.

From the OC Register the official statement from the leaders of the Crystal Cathedral on the completed sale of the Crystal Cathedral to the Catholic Diocese of Orange [with my comments]:

"The sale of the Crystal Cathedral means the beginning of a new chapter for us. We are exploring several options from which we will continue the many aspects of our respected [especially in light of our bankruptcy, change of worship style and borrowing the endowments] , positive approach to ministry - our church worship services [consisting mainly of our Pentecostal Worship Team], the 'Hour of Power' international weekly televised broadcast [if viewers keep supporting it without RH Schuller], Crystal Cathedral Academy [that must move out in July 2013] and our various outreaches both to the local community [feeding the homeless once a week], and beyond [building houses for Mexico]."

"We remain committed to being a center of hope for central Orange County and will pursue a new location within 10 miles of the current campus [this is the first time I have heard this limit of where they will move]. We are excited about our future [that is why we tried to derail the sale at the last moment] and know that God will continue to use us [the family business] to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the local community [feed homeless], our nation and the world [homes for Mexico and reruns of 'old' Hour of Power broadcasts in other countries]."

Interesting comment from the rcbo website:

"Operational and administrative transfer of the Memorial Gardens will be immediate. A diocesan pastoral center will be established on the site in due course in anticipation that nearby St. Callistus parish will eventually transfer to the new campus"