The original blog on this site, known as the “Cathedral Blog” is now “read only.” It is now archival in nature and one can no longer post to it or comment on the posts of another. Nothing on that blog can be edited or deleted except by the webmaster.  


Guidelines for Posting and Commenting on Pens-Opinion Blog

Registration and User Name:

To register to post and to comment on the posts of other registered users, please contact webmaster@pens-opinion.org Please specify email address and one user name (or handle) only. Using multiple email addresses to acquire multiple user names for the purpose of posting under multiple “personalities” is confusing to other readers and by nature is devious.

It is recommended that you use your real name as your user name, if possible. Your posts and comments will have more impact  by using your real identity. However, it is recognized that for professional reasons it may not be possible or wise to do so.

The above guidelines are for new user registration. If you already have a user name, it is not possible to change it without deleting your current user name and then re-registering as a new user.


Commenting on a Post:

Please do not use abusive language or attack the person that posted the blog to which you are addressing your comment. The issues surrounding the Crystal Cathedral Ministry understandably tend to generate a lot of passion but please keep your views civil and respectful.

Please confine comments to the original post topic. Each commenter is limited to four comments per post.

Please do not comment on your own comment,or “reply” to your own comment. This has been noted numerous time and leads to multiple “indents.”

Please DO NOT comment in all UPPERCASE (CAPITAL) letters.




The operators of Pens-Opinion support everyone’s First Amendment rights to free speech. However, there are qualifiers to that right. One is not at liberty to yell “Fire” in a in a theater if there is, in fact, no fire. In the context of posting to the Pens-Opinion Blog, civility and respect for others is what we expect of our bloggers. Most of those who have posted in the past have demonstrated their civility and respect for others admirably. However, there have been instances where this quality was ignored.

Please choose the “title” of your post carefully in relationship to the topic you wish to address.

Please attempt to limit your post  to no more than five or six paragraphs.

Please DO NOT post in all UPPERCASE (CAPITAL) letters.

Please DO NOT post addressing another blogger to contact you.


The operators of Pens-Opinion have provided the “blog” as a means for everyone contribute information and share their opinion concerning the Crystal Cathedral and Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove and to discuss religious issues in general

There are approximately 190 listed as registered users of Pens-Opinion Blog. We urge everyone who has registered to contribute. If you have not yet registered, we urge you to do so, whether you are a local member of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries, Shepherd’s Grove or viewer of  the Hour of Power.

According to Google Analytics, there are an average of 16,000 visits to the Pen-Opinion Blog per month. This figure does not distinguish between readers and contributors.

The operators of Pens-Opinion wish to thank all who have registered to post and comment on the “Blog” and to those who have become dedicated readers of the “Blog.”

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