Pump Fake! The “New” Crystal Cathedral Board

Posted on 01. Aug, 2011 by Angie Wyatt in Blog

In the wake of pressure from an online petition, the Crystal Cathedral announced this week that they restructured their board. Fortunately, you didn’t fall for this pump fake!

The LA Times reports that organizers of the petition “called on the federal bankruptcy trustee Friday to investigate the validity of the church’s recent board shake-up.” It’s time that we hold the responsible parties accountable

Three party’s are responsible for allowing this wreckless leadership to continue:

1. Federal Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kwan

2. The Reformed Church of America

3. The New Board

Will these responsible party’s finally act in the best interest of the ministry and her creditors? Or, will they act in the best interest of the family?

Why This New Board is a Pump Fake

This joke of a restructure includes the dismissal of board members Rick Mysee and Gwen Myers, plus adds several voting members who do not have a conflict of interest. Jim Penner remains on the board despite the fact that he employs four family members at the church.

They have also reinstated my grandfather as a voting member and added Sheila Schuller Coleman as a non-voting member. I predict that her non-voting status will change to a voting status within a few months or even weeks.

The point of restructuring the board is to place the power of the ministry into the hands of church members who do not have a conflict of interest. As it stands, the board remains in the hands of those who are responsible for it’s demise – namely Jim & Gretchen Penner, and Jim & Sheila Coleman.

Clearly, my aunts and uncles are not qualified to rescue the ministry from the catastrophe they instigated. It’s been a train wreck ever since they removed my father from the board nearly three years ago. Every decision since my dad’s removal has been a knee-jerk reaction to bad press.

My aunts and uncles are reactionary leaders who lack focus, structure, organization and the ability to implement a strategic plan for the future. This is the leadership that continues to plague the Crystal Cathedral!

When my dad was ousted from the ministry, they said, “No Schuller will ever again fill the pulpit.” I predicted that within months, one of my aunts would fill that role. Soon after, Sheila Schuller Coleman filled the pulpit. Their lie was exposed and the truth was revealed. My aunts removed my dad from leadership because they coveted his influence.

Next, they allegedly removed my grandfather from the board. Two weeks later, a media release clarified that he was only changed to a non-voting member. They stated that his status changed in order to help with his retirement goals. Prior to the release of this press statement, it was the understanding of nearly every family member that my grandfather was entirely removed from the board.

It is my opinion that the Crystal Cathedral press release was a reactionary measure to public outrage. As of today, my grandfather is once again a voting member. Apparently, his retirement goals are no longer a concern?

I support my grandfather as a voting member. He’s the founder! However, this fickle dance is another indication that my aunts and uncles have no plan for the future. They must be removed!

Jim Penner and Sheila Schuller Coleman must be removed from both the board and the ministry. It’s common sense. Fire the people who killed a 50 yr old ministry. That’s how it works!

Federal Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kwan, The Reformed Church in America, and the New Crystal Cathedral Board must act in the best interest of the ministry. To date, they have failed to do so. Instead, they cower in the wings of a family who has convinced them that they are indispensible.

This is not the Schuller Ministry, it is God’s Ministry. As a Schuller, I can say with full confidence that my relatives are not capable of acting selflessly on behalf of the ministry. It’s time for others to make those decisions for them!

Pen’s Opinion – Editor’s Note:

Jim Penner has 8 family members on the payroll including himself:   Diane Penner Kirchner (Jim's sister) and her 3 children all work for HOP plus his mother, Niva Penner Klaassen and Nick Klaassen