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Crystal Cathedral Congregation

at Shepherd’s Grove

January 3, 2016

9:30 AM Service: 748

(  Taping Sunday )

Program 2499 - Airs 1/24/2016

Prior Week Church Attendance

    9:30 AM Service:   12/27  =  752  

    6:00 PM Service:   12/27  =    68

Contemporary Service

December 27, 2015

11:15 AM Service:   223

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Church Report Update

52nd Week Ending

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Church Offerings

Hour of Power Revenue

As of June  2015


Collective Offering: $

9:30 AM Offering: $

11:15 AM Offering: $

Evening Offering: $

Credit Card: $

Mid-Week Mail: $

12/24 Christmas Eve: $


Year To Date Offerings: $

Year To Date Goal $

Short of Goal by: $












HOP Revenue: $

HOP Expenses: $

HOP Net Operations: $




NOTE: The figures below represent INCOME, Expense and Net Operations as presented at the Congregational Meeting July, 19, 2015.

Church Leadership no longer reports

Offering amounts per Service

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Members and Friends of Crystal Cathedral Ministries,

Shepherd’s Grove Church and the Hour of Power

How much do you know about the roots and

history of your great church?

Did you know your founding pastor, Dr. Robert H. Schuller

As a young pastor, began preaching at a Chicago Church?

Did you know a young Robert Schuller was called by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City

 to start a church in Southern California?

Did you know your founding pastor was given $500 by Dr. Peale

On a Friday afternoon to begin this journey to travel to California

to start his new church?

Did you know Robert Schuller went back to Dr. Peale the following

Monday morning to ask Dr. Peale for a bit more money to accomplish

his new assignment?

The Legacy of Dr. Robert H. Schuller

More to follow soon!

Did you know Dr. Peale said to your founding

Pastor, “Robert, I gave you $500 and the

Freedom to be creative. That’s all you need.”

And so, with those humble beginnings, first in the Orange Drive-In Theater, and then a small church building on Chapman Avenue, to the land at the corner of Chapman Avenue and Lewis Street, flowered into

Garden Grove Community Church and the Tower of Hope.

Over time, the great glass cathedral emerged, the Family Life Center, the International Visitor’s Center

The Campanile Tower that houses

The Arvella Schuller Carillon.

Visit these new additions

To the

Legacy of Dr. Robert H. Schuller pages

Marble Collegiate Church

Where Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

was pastor for 54 years.

Guidposts Article

by Arthur Gordon

Guideposts Remembers

Dr. Robert H. Schuller